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Session Recap & Planning Form

due 24 hours prior to your session


For All Clients & Sessions: What are 1-3 successes in the last month of your coaching experience?

Coaching Sessions Only: Is there anything you'd like to make sure we address in your upcoming session?

Please keep in mind any exercises, to-do items, or commitments we made during your last session.

If applicable, what items were you asked to bring to the agenda for this upcoming session?

Healing Sessions Only: Are you experiencing any pain, discomfort, tension, anxiety, stress, depression, fears, sadness, triggers, or current injuries that need attention? 

Intuitive Readings Only: Is there anything/anyone you would like to look into specifically?

Please rate your overall experiences in each category below. Thank you for your honesty!

You Feel Connected to the Work
Your Needs Being Met
Quality of Resources/Info Provided
Your Intention to Recommend Me

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