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Divine Feminine Life Coach
Group Coaching Program

Join a group of spiritual entrepreneurs, regular business folk, and expressive creatives as we navigate growth, development, expansion, renewal, empowerment, and authenticity in this online Group Coaching Series that includes Astrological Education.


Each month there is an online Group Coaching session with a themed coaching presentation, tips, tools, resources, and action plans to take your skills to the next level. I'll share my journey, successes, failures, lessons, and show you how I've developed multiple streams of income while maintaining life balance and discipline towards my goals. Each live coaching will have Q&A at the end of each session and optional activities for practical application. If you want additional personalized coaching, members have the option of one add-on session monthly for support of your unique needs. You'll get live coaching and get to learn from others along the way. Topics are design based on what the group needs by filling out the application and survey below. You'll learn the basics of Astrology, how to read your own chart, and use that to support your life!




You will be notified directly if you make it into our upcoming group or are on waitlist for the next group.

Submission of your application and survey do not guarantee admission to the program.

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