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Life is lived in cycles. We all have our share of ups and downs. There comes a time when transformation can no longer be ignored and there is a shift that affects every aspect of your living experience. So much so, that even when you're down, you're more prepared to handle it, and learn to walk away with lessons learned filled with gratitude for the process. A major part of that shift is learning through the wisdom within your soul versus the outward suffering of the world. Ultimately, the choice is yours. I invite you to be a part of my life's work, and welcome you as this is part of your journey.

I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles holding them back from living a purposeful life and heal on a spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and financial level. I too was pulled between the life I wanted and the life I felt stuck living on a daily basis. After leaving my corporate career and my worldy securities behind, I finally stepped into my power and have the peace and stability I desired.

See all that I have to offer including life coaching, energy healing for body/home/office, spiritual consultations, classes, workshops, retreats, membership clubs, blog articles, and more... let's get started on your path to transformation!

Long distance sessions available


My mission is to empower you to heal and embody your true potential.

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Find Purpose, Reclaim Your Life

Feel like you aren't living life to your full potential? Ready to reinvent yourself but don't know where to start? This service is a favorite among my clients, as it is the key to a happier, healthier life. To achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, we will work together to clear your path. Whether it's work/life balance, career changes, lightworker/starseed paths, relationships/twin flames journeys, or inner child healing, we'll create actionable plans, track progress, and get sustainable results through accountability. See pricing plans available and take control of your growth and development.

Reiki Treatment


Remove Blockages Body & Home

It's imperative that the enregy within us and around us be clean and clear. Often we and our homes/work are filled with negative energy, sometimes negative entities reside. Let me help you cleanse and clear so that may thrive in any environment. If you're struggling to connect to your passions, your authenticity, or intuition, feeling stuck, stressed, or's time to clear your energy. I mix from Pranic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Light Language, Sound Healing, Shadow Work, Cord Cutting, and Spatial Cleansing for your home and office. See pricing plans available for regular sessions to ensure stablized results.

Fortune Telling Cards



Get Insight, Direction, & Answers

As a Psychic, Medium, Intuitive, Empath and Teacher I can help you get the answers you need. Exert your power of choice and navigate obstacles with insight. I am a Lightworker/Starseed Coach and offer personal mentoring for the spiritually gifted. Tasseography, Tarot & Oracle readings, Spiritual messages are offered and I work directly with you and your spirit guides to find answers. I also teach classes on metaphysical topics, check for upcoming events. Parties available for groups of 10 or more (showers, birthdays, retreats). See pricing plans and club memberships available.

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.
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Each membership includes the following below in addition to the club offerings in its description.

Every month you will have access to a fresh newsletter, an energy clearing video, a guided meditation video, a lesson video, free access to the monthly online Full Moon circle, and access to the community Group for your channel. You will have access to available content in your subscription channel while a member. Join our community of learning and support, while ensuring your personal growth and development. Only $60/month per club! Cancel at any time.

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Topics will include new monthly information on energy healing and techniques, a deeper dive into a chakra, crystal therapy, anatomy & physiology, color prana to work with, how to protect your energy from others, and a live online Q&A session. Also includes items listed above in club description. $60/month, cancel anytime



Topics will include new monthly information of the monthly zodiac sign, astrological house and associated planet, review of new and full moon phases, learning how to read astrological charts, and a live online Q&A session. Also includes items listed above in club description. $60/month, cancel anytime



Topics will include new monthly information on Tarot Basic & Advanced Esoteric meanings, numerology, a deeper dive into the elements, a new card spread, a tarot/oracle deck review, and a live online Q&A session. Also includes items listed above in club description. $60/month, cancel anytime

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Topics will include new monthly information on the Wheel of the Year teachings (Sabbats), ritual practices for yourself or groups, spellwork, crystals, divination topics, Deities, and a live online Q&A session. Also includes items listed above in club description. $60/month, cancel anytime


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Topics will include new monthly information on gardening tips, recycling information, waste reduction ideas, community events, and volunteer opportunities we will gather for. A portion of your subscription will be donated monthly to a local cause. Also includes items listed above in club description. $60/month, cancel anytime.



Topics will include an Archangel, another Angel from a different realm, an Angelic prayer, and an Angel Attunement (increases your intuition and further enhances your connect to the divine), and a live online Q&A session. Also includes items listed above in club description. $60/month, cancel anytime.