Package/Pricing Plan Agreement


By filling out this Package & Pricing Plan Agreement, I am requesting to make payments that will total the amount of the Package & Pricing Plan I have selected above in 2 years or less.

I understand and agree that I am liable for the full amount of this Package & Pricing Plan, regardless of whether or not I utilize all my Package & Pricing Plan benefits or services.

I understand that all Package & Pricing Plans are non-refundable. If I decide I no longer wish to receive Coaching Services, I may instead book Healing Sessions or Intuitive Readings for the remainder of Coaching Sessions left in my Package Plan (at the Coaching Session price).

I have read, understand, and agree to the Site & Service Policies.

I have already completed a Chemistry Call with Lisa Hernandez, Divine Feminine Life Coach, and was given an opportunity to ask questions regarding Services, Client Expectations, Package & Pricing Plans, payment options, and any other questions I may have had.

I understand that I must be committed to my personal results and actively engaged in my Coaching to ensure potential growth and development. I understand that my progress is directly related to my engagement, my ability to complete required exercises, my honesty, and my overall desire for change and transfromation. I am committed and ready!

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