The "F" word... Feelings

Feelings and emotions come to the surface for a reason and are not random. They carry messages and we are meant to decipher them. Acknowledgment is sometimes all that you need. Let your feelings speak to you. If you listen, they will tell you what you need to know, to address, to change, to let go of, or what needs healing.

I often find that clients are dealing with feelings that aren't there own. When you're worried about how someone else feels, is there even room left for your feelings? It is so common to carry the burden of our ancestral baggage, childhood tramas, societful expectations, religious beliefs, and traditional ways of living... it makes you question if how you feel even matters.

Your job is to find the truth. They say the truth will set you free, and it will, but you must find it for yourself. Here is what no one tells you though... your truth is not my truth, or anyone elses for that matter. You must honor your truth, respect it, live it, and allow others to do the same. Simple right? If it were, we'd all be doing it. It requires you to dig deep and find what resonates with you on a soul level. Then you must honor that and it could mean a lot of change must take place.

The "C" word...Change, possibly scarier than the "F" word we're talking about. This is where all the growth happens though. It's also where you take back the power you've given away to everyone else and start living your life, and boy... does it "FEEL" so good when you do.

Here are a few questions for thought:

ANGER is telling you where you are feeling powerless. What are you wanting or trying to control?

FEAR is telling you what it is you care about. What are you afraid of?

ANXIETY is telling you that something in your life is off balance. You are overcompensating with something else.

APATHY will show you where you are overextending yourself or burnt out in your life. What are you passionate about?