Suddenly everything has changed. You were not happy with your life, just going through the motions of living it. You see everything differently than you did before and there is no going back to the way things were. Everything you thought you knew, gone in an instant. It's like you were asleep for years and suddenly awakened to the reality that turns your whole life upside down.

At first you just know that something doesn't feel right, but you aren't sure what it is. You go on like this for some time, but the feeling grows. You start to search and find yourself reading articles, watching videos, buying books, listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and being drawn to various topics you hadn't explored before. You are thirsty for more information and it finds you. This could go on for years (especially if you fight it like most of us do).

Then one of two things happen, you either make a change willingly or the universe steps in and makes the change for you. The shift is inevitable and your resistance is futile. That career path or job has to end. Some of your relationships no longer suit you. Whatever you were doing, you don't want to do it anymore and you feel as though you are being called to do something else. As soon as you figure out what it is, it's as though you can't get there fast enough. Then you will want to share your journey or help others with theirs.

You are being guided. For the first time in a long time, or ever, you choose yourself. Your path, your renewal, your growth, your happiness, your healing, your mind, your body, your spirit, your life, your choose you. You see more clearly and understand that you must relearn everything. You understand how small you were and how big you are at the same time. You understand that you were lost and now you're found. Your journey has just begun...

What now? Where do you go from here? You better not go backwards or it's game over!

1-Find community, they are out there. Look for places to connect with like-minded individuals so you can talk to someone without them looking at you cross-eyed or trying to convince you otherwise the way some friends and family might. Sometimes it's a spouse that isn't supporting you on your new journey. You will definitely have periods where you feel isolated and not supported by anyone around you. But that my friend, is part of this process. To get you to undersand that your attachments must be evaluated and to get you to tap into a higher power for support. You may find over time you move away from connections that no longer support you in a loving way.

2-Continue your learning! Go down every rabbit hole of information your heart & soul desires, so you can see what resonates with you and ask bigger questions, find more info, and process what you're learning. Question everything through contemplation. How does it sit in your body? How do you feel? Trust your energy body, not you brain! Cognitive thinking doesn't get you far, and your "gut" feelings are far more powerful than the doubtful little voice inside your head that's scared and wants to continue to stunt your personal evolution.

3-Find your source. Whatever may resonate with you...God, Source, Creator, Universe, Energy, whatever you choose, just choose what's in your heart. Then pray, meditate, journal, chant, sing, get out into nature, exercise, do anything that allows you to connect with you body and quiet your mind. Ask for support, assistance, guidance, protection, direction, answers... they will come. When you have those "a-ha" moments, they will be epic for your personal growth and development.

4-Repeat steps 1-3 as often as you need to until articles like this seem too easy and you're hungry for deeper connection to the Divinity within you and all things, that connects us all.