Divine Femme Partners

Meet the Partners that support our Divine Feminine community!

Partners offer occassional events in our space, ensuring you get the best offerings!

We are a collective of talent and badassery, joined together in our love of humanity and common goal of making this world a better place one woman at a time. Our community is designed to help you get all you need to transform your life, so you too can truly embody your Divine Feminine Energy. Connect with our staff of Divine Femmes to see what they offer, sign up for sessions, events, follow your Femmes of choice and our member only groups to stay connected!


We offer private & group sessions and coaching, workshops, classes, podcasts, blogs, retreats, mentorships, and Divine Makeovers (these are so amazing they have their own dedicated page, go check it out here). Become a member, get a welcome offer just for joining, and download the Wix App to enjoy all the benefits and get the full experience. We look forward to being a part of your journey... It's time to make yourself the main priority! 

Femme 1
Akashic Records Reader
Reiki Master/Teacher
Femme 2
Palm & Tea Leaf Reader
Mediumship Messages
Femme 3
Botanical Practitioner
Esthetician & Massage
Femme 4
Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healer
Femme 5
Podcast & Blogger
Social Activist
Femme 6
Dietician & Fitness Coach
Femme 7
Astrology Charts Reading
Femme 8
Intuitive Massage Therapy
Crystal Healing Sessions
Femme 9
Pranic Healer/Energywork
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