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Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon is Divine Feminine energy being illumined and empowered by the Sun. She exposes and exaggerates what may have been hidden, giving us the opportunity to fine tune and bring into balance what may be preventing our personal growth. It is a time to release any obstacles on your path, creating space for newness, and closing cycles - paving the way for ascension on your journey. Full Moon energy highlights what is already there; dormant themes come forward for personal development, healing, and powering your path ahead should you choose to embrace her offering. Honoring her is honoring yourself!

Ritual Tools

Supplies: What You'll Need

Clean & Quiet Space

Notebook/Paper & Pen/Pencil

Comfortable Clothes

Anything needed to set the tone: 

Water/Tea, Candle, Incense, Crystals, Oracle/Tarot Cards, Prayer Beads, Custion/Mat, Earbuds, Nature


Open Mind & Heart for Change!

Element & Correspondences

Element: Air

Representation: Swords, Birds, Feathers, Sound/Song, Bells, Thoughts, Communication, Discernment, Journaling, & Visualizations! 

Hero's Journey/Tarot: Lady Justice depicts Libra in the Tarot, and prevails whether you feel it fair or not, you will reap what you have sown. Remember that the smallest adjustment to the scales will cause temporary turbulence while balance is restored. Trust the process, fall in love with the journey.

Zodiacal Qualities

Libra - Ruled by Venus, this energy will call you to review your relationships with others, as well as, yourself. The chance to restore or create balance is calling out to you heavily - and asking you to be fair in how you implement your necessary changes. Allow for the flux and temporary upheaval while you trust and prepare for the coming restoration once the scales are rebalanced. It's a great time to connect with friends or take a bubble bath!

Audio Guide


Questions of Reflection

  1. Aries is Libra's partner in the zodiac - Libra is your relationships with others, Aries is your relationship with yourself. What small actionable thing can you do to restore balance in either or both of these aspects? Libra wants you to think about it, talk about it, and take a balanced approach. Aries wants you to take action, period!

  2. Where are you out of balance? Challenge if your definition of 'balance' is your own or something you picked up externally. Redefine 'balance' to what feels appropriate for you. Then take action, authentically, to reach YOUR level of balance that suits YOU - this must become YOUR way. Reframe, Redefine, Restore!

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