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Cords of Entanglement


Ritual  Tools to Release Cords

Guided Ritual

Cord CuttingLisa Hernandez
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Guided ArchAngel Michael Cord Cutting 

(you may use any guide you wish - but no ancestors), you will need no tools, this can be done in any safe place to close your eyes.

Image by Pascale Amez

Using the Elements

Water: Set your intention in the shower, pray over your bath water (add regular salt to dissintegrate the dirty energy), soak your feet in salt water, wash your hands.

Earth: Hug a tree or sit with your back to one (make sure it's a large tree than can handle the energy and make the tree an offering like blessed water), barefoot in the grass/dirt, put your hands into the soil, lay on the ground, use a crystal ceremonial knife or programmed crystal, dance/exercise/movement.

Fire: Fireplace or Fire pit, candle flame, the Sun!

Air: Your visualizations, verbalizations, prayer, directive/instructional (set your intention and then instruct/command), writing.

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