Intuitive Tarot

Learn how to read Tarot cards intuitively and without using traditional card meanings.

Tarot Beginners

History, Suits, Elements, Court Cards, Archetypes, Numerology, & the Hero's Journey.

Oracle Class

Learn how to read Oracle cards as stand alone reading or to enhance your Tarot readings.

Reiki Level 1

Learn the History and Technique of energy healing, how it works, and how to perform self healing.

Reiki Level 2

Learn advanced healing techniques, distance healing, use of Reiki symbols, and more!

Reiki Master

Learn to Master the art of energy healing and use of the master healing symbols. 

Crystal Therapy

Become a certified crystal therapy practitioner. Learn how to use crystals and grids to heal. Great add on to Reiki Healing.


Learn how to read tea leaves or coffee grounds as a stand alone form of divination.  We'll cover tool selection, preparation, and reading performance.

New Content

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