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Divine Feminine Life Coach

Esoteric: Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small

number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.


Business: A Spiritual Game.


Let me be your guide... 


I AM a talented and powerfully connected healer, mentor, teacher, and divinely guided consult. I integrate proven business strategies with the divine power of Spiritual Mentoship, Pranic Healing, Transformative Coaching to create an aligned life, prosperity, and expansion.

I AM a skilled teacher with a unique ability to effectively communicate high concept spiritual and business knowledge so students become successful entrepreneurs, powerful healers, and spiritually aligned. I AM devoted to supporting your connection to your life path and spiritual purpose so you can experience more balance, abundance, and love in your life. My mission is to be of service in building a safe community of learning, personal growth, positive change, and spiritual connection.


You are invited to be a part of my lifes work. Thank you for being here. Namaste!

Image by Allef Vinicius

Lily H., Ohio

Talk about taking me to places I had never been before! Holy moly, I had no idea I was carrying around so much until Lisa helped me release it. Then she was lazer focused on my forward plan and kept me motivated to meet my own potential. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you. I learned tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques I can use for life! Forever grateful! ❤️

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Gayle W., Virginia

I was lost and I knew it. Not only did I get clarity, I also found peace, direction, healing, happiness, and confidence - all of which were lacking before I started working with Lisa. I did a mix of coaching, healing, and tarot readings. It was the perfect approach to my situation. She is candid in a way only a best friend that sees your soul can be. It's piercing and freeing all at once. If you're confused, stuck in a rut, or just looking for a place to start, look no further. 

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Yvette G., New York

Dead end job, dead end relationships, no idea how I was going to get out of my depression...I went to a class and was blown away by Lisa and her knowledge, down to earth approach, and her sincere offer to help me. I'm sure I was in my own way most of the time, but she helped me pierce through the veil clouding my life and all my decisions. New job, new boo, new side business, and a new outlook on life. Worth every penny! 

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Beth A., New Mexico

Lisa is amazing! As soon as I finished our session I immediately jumped into the assignments. Seriously! As I got started, I discovered that I have A LOT of work to do. Good grief! I was so keyed up afterwards, I worked out, started processing on my phone recorder, and then called my mom to discuss our family patterning! I had about 10 epiphanies over a 2 hour time span. I'm so up for this challenge. You were EXACTLY who I've been looking for, asking around about, and MANIFESTING! I can't thank you enough for your candor - because for the first time, I KNOW the truth even if it stung at first, now I know I will never turn back. Thank you for being you! We got this! (Oh, booked 2 stand alone sessions, then got the Phoenix Rising Plan, on my 8th session. Best damn thing I've ever done for myself.

Love, Beth

Image by Vladislav Nikonov

Liz P., Belize City, Belize

I met Lisa while we were both on vacation - talk about Divine Timing! We did a pop up Tarot reading at the pool, which turned into a Coaching Session, and then me getting a package because I really needed the support. After 3 months of getting more and more clarity, answers, I am finally starting to get to the core of ME. I resisted some of the work up front, procrastinated a bit, but then once I dug in - Whoa! Lisa is knowledgable, professional, relatable, honest, funny, and I've never met another so commited to my process. A true GEM and I literally feel like I won a COSMIC LOTTO, lol!

Image by Jennifer Marquez

Margarita R., Puerto Rico

Listen...I dont' know who needs to hear this, but I have to tell you what this woman did for me! I had it all, mental issues, emotional issues, sexual traumas, addictions, ALL the toxic patterning, and was totally in denial. I can be a hothead and tough to deal with, but this woman pulled me up out of the shit I called my life and helped me realize who the fuck I am, what I truly deserve, and get out of all the labels and old life I felt powerless to. A true freaking ANGEL, no joke, I believe that! I am not the same person I used to be, but I am now in control of my life and I feel POWERFUL! Thank you! May God bless you! 

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